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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plywood
Jun 10, 2017



    Splint is also called plywood, which is made by the log planed to be sliced about 1 millimeters per layer. After fully airing, the glue is added, and is compacted by special mechanical equipment, and the double face is decorated with a good texture and a good surface layer, and the decorative plate is cut into a certain specification. Usually, using the odd layer single plate, and the fiber direction of the adjacent layer single plate is mutually arranged vertically and glued. In decoration, the most commonly used plywood’s specification is 1220 mm * 2440 mm. 

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      Plywood hardness is generally higher, because in the process of bonding has been material, texture perpendicular to each other staggered, so the intensity of large, difficult to deformation.

      Plywood, according to the number of layers can be divided into three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood, twelve plywood, eighteen plywood and other varieties. In the decoration, which the most commonly used are three plates and five plywood, also known as the three plywood and plywood. The more layers of plywood, the greater the thickness, the higher the strength, the stronger the bearing capacity, the more difficult to bend. Plywood is mostly used in high-grade decorative base structure. Suitable for mounting and fixing heavy load decorative parts.

      Of course, plywood also has its own shortcomings, that is, generally higher cost. If the material is not adequately dried or the production process has problems, it is difficult to adjust the outside force when the sheet is deformed. In addition, the plywood is not as good as the density of the surface layer, with plywood as the base layer, and then bonding surface of the fire board, aluminum plate and other decorative panels, it is better than MDF do solid base.

     It is not difficult to select the plywood. It can be considered in following directions: the quality of the panel, the material inside the sandwich, the appearance of the whole board and the quality grade. The plywood with good quality has no warping, deformation and cracking. Its edge straight, wall thickness, substantial, dimensional specification. Last but not least, the plywood’s surface of the same color, no scar, variegated, spliced, wormholes, bruises, marks, and defect repair phenomenon.

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