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What is Plywood
Jun 11, 2017

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     Plywood is the most commonly used material for hand made furniture. Plywood is a sheet of three or more layers of wood, cut into sheets or wood, cut into thin wood, and then glued together. Usually, the odd layer single plate is used, and the fiber direction of the adjacent layer single plate is mutually arranged vertically and glued. Therefore, there are three, five, seven, and so on odd layer plywood.

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      Structurally, the outermost veneer of plywood is called the sheet, and the front panel is called face veneer, which is the best quality sheet. The reverse panel is called back veneer, single veneer are the quality of the sheet is second. The inner sheet is called core veneer or the middle plate, with the worst quality single sheet.


     Plywood generally are 2440MM by 1220MM , and thickness is divided into 3 mm plate, 5 mm plate, 9 mm plate, 12 mm plate, 15 mm plate and 18 mm plate, six specifications (1 li for 1mm). Of course, this also conclude 21mm and 25mm, the thickness can basically be produced according to different requirements


Characteristics of plywood:

1. Plywood has all advantages from natural wood, such as light weight, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation, and can make up for the natural wood has some natural defects such as knots, small format, vertical and horizontal deformation, mechanical differences and other shortcomings.

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2. Plywood production can make full use of logs. Because it has no sawdust, every 2.2 - 2.5 cubic meters of timber can produce 1 cubic meters of plywood, can replace about 5 cubic meters of logs saw into planks, and every production of 1 cubic meters of plywood products, also can produce remainder over 1.2 to 1.5 cubic meters, which is good raw materials to produce MDF and particle board .

3. The plywood has many advantages like small deformation, large format, convenient construction, no warping, transverse tensile resistance, good scientific performance, etc.. Therefore, the product is mainly used in furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, residential construction. And then used shipbuilding, car manufacturing, military, light industrial products and packaging and other industrial sectors.

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