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What Is Splicing Veneer
Jun 09, 2017

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Wood veneer splicing (wood pattern splicing), also called veneer gluing splicing or inlay splicing, which is a magical craft after the craftsmen using different types of wood texture or color difference, cutting wood chips inlay into the furniture, and combine into exquisite painting patterns or geometric patterns. The production process of wood splicing:

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The craftsmen first use pencil to sketch the pattern of the furniture surface, and then separate the enclosed shapes into paper patterns, such as shell patterns, palm leaves, wooden gods, and the child's head patterns. Then choose a different type of wood for each pattern, then cut the wood along the edge of the pattern. At the same time, another group of craftsmen according to design patterns carve out of the groove on the surface of the furniture. A closed shape with a groove, after thousands of pieces of wood are made, inlay all those wooden pieces into groove perfectly.

 A clear division of labor ensures that every component and detail gets the most specialized artistic treatment. Of course, as the wood of different shapes, there is no guarantee that can be absolute seamless even they have a tremendous skill. So after the process of wood inlay, they also need to glue (to fill the interspace between wood chips) and to polish (to smooth surface). Finally having a transparent varnishing on the surface exposed the wood texture naturally, thus showing the perfect "inlay" process fully.

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 In addition, there are many furniture’s surfaces using veneer gluing process with equally splitting a wood veneer to 2, 4 or more multiples blocks and then inlay and collage, so that the furniture pattern will be highly symmetry. Different furniture manufacturers also have different practice on this process: for example, the golden palace style of ColomboMobili, whose furniture inlay is partial painting based on the important historical period of Britain, French and Italian (Rome Empire, Adams period and so on) learning from all kinds of antique furniture, trying to reproduce the history. Its inlay is a good mixture of various materials showing the spirit of classical style.

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