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A Beautiful Encounter With The Woods
Nov 09, 2016

A Beautiful Encounter with The Woods

A Beautiful Encounter with The Woods

Designers' passion is to give the “forgotten wood” a new life, to show the wood more attractive through the use of modern furniture . The designers seek inspiration for design and creation from the wood and the nature ,and take the natural wood as the main material. There are a lot of creative combinations among glasses, lacquer woods, metal paint and leather, which are innovated and transformed constantly and combined with the process and industrial design to make the furniture with a strong sense of nature.


A Beautiful Encounter Between Woods and Glasses

Italian Alcarol studio loves the application of resin. Through the combination of resin and oak, the furniture series shows the fashion combination of the intricate resin texture and transparent glass.


A New Life of Art Furniture


Nature Bleu, a brand, is inspired by Lefebvr Frank's unique vision. 

He used "drift-wood", that is forgetten by people since 1995 and after a long period of water-washing time has a distinctive appearance.

These furniture are unique, and it is the leader in the wood furniture. All the drift woods are collected from the beach from all 
over the world. In Bleu Nature, every piece of drift-wood de
serves to be integrated into designers' aesthetic attainments and craftsman's exquisite craft to let the drift- woods retain the strength of the nature of the refining and gain more rustic beauty.

The Marriage of Metals and Woods


The Israeli talent art designer, Shamia Hilla, created furniture that each one is unique. Through the combination of "cold metal” and wood, he created many eye-catching and beautiful chairs and tables.

Waste Woods Embedded LED

The Italian designer, Marco Stefanelli, used these usually waste materials to produce the lights with a natural and graceful form and a sense of environmental protection. Those lights are like the fairies of the forests, quietly lighting there.

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