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ABS Edge Banding
Sep 19, 2017

Among the five common plastics, ABS is one of the best materials for comprehensive mechanical properties. It is a strong material, with high strength and high toughness. ABS products for the use of temperature is - 40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, the temperature for the use of PVC products is 30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃. It compared with PVC, ABS products have wider application range. Adopting ABS processed in accordance with the ABS edge banding its excellent properties. Compared with the traditional PVC edge banding, not only has its considerable strength, and with PVC edge banding has incomparable advantage of strong toughness. It is a new generation of high-grade furniture edge banding convergent ideal decorative materials.


ABS edge banding has the characteristics of wear-resisting, fireproof, oil-proof, moisture-proof, anti-acid and alkali. Also has the advantages like extremely good flexibility, strong strength of adhesion, not easy to shed etc. Its specification: thickness is 0. 2 to 0. 4mm, the width is about 25mm, the length is 1000-2000mm. ABS edge banding has excellent bending performance and is better when heated. But it also has fragile defects. Manual and mechanical seal in operation; It is not high demand for glue, universal glue and white latex. The use of flat paste, roller stickers can be used in the market of any adhesive; Choose hot melt adhesive for cement, plastic control temperature is 120 ℃ ~ 160 ℃, pressure in the 4-6/2, curing time of 20 ~ 50 seconds, indoor paste when the environment temperature of 15 ℃. In view of ABS edge banding is stronger in the permeability of hot melt adhesive and universal glue than that of PVC. So when pasting with plate, the adhesive coating should be reduced. Generally, it is within 6-8g per linear meter. In the mechanical sealing side, the effect is the adhesive coating uniform, the mesh clear; Mechanical coating speed is 30 ~ 50 meters/min, the sealing side paste operation speed is the fastest among various sealing side of edge banding. Both to ensure the quality of paste, and can improve the work efficiency.


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