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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chinese Ash Finger-joint Board
Jan 04, 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chinese Ash finger-joint board


(1) Processability: Chinese Ash finger-joint board has fine processability. It can be fixed well with nails, screws and glues well, and can obtain good surface after dyeing and polishing. It’s suitable in dry climate, extremely slight senescence and very small performance changes.

(2) Physical properties: relative to its weight, Chinese Ash finger-joint board has very good overall strength properties, good seismic and steam bending strength.

(3) Durability: core wood has moderate resistance to penetration of wood preservatives and the sapwood is easily penetrated. Chinese Ash finger-joint board is suitable for dry climates, very slight senescence, and core wood changes very little.

(4) Practicality: good material for floorings and furniture. It can imitate some high value species, like white Ash, Oak, walnut, etc. Its use value is very high.

(5) Chinese Ash finger-joint board is harder and more wear-resisting compare to Pine. And compare to redwood, the price is moderate and pleasing. The grain is just as beautiful as solid Chinese ash wood. Nowadays, with the strong trend of returning to natural, simple and primitive, the clear grain Chinese Ash wooden furniture has its own way to meet this trend. They got the attention of the market again by applying traditional mortise and tenon joint structure, simple and graceful shape design.


(6) In furniture and decoration industry, the Chinese Ash finger-joint board is a relatively common wood for us. It’s slightly hard, and more importantly, it’s characterized by clear and beautiful wood grain, good corrosion and water resistance, easy processing, good toughness, good pigmenting property, and very fine decorating property. Besides, the price is very inexpensive.

2. Disadvantages

(1The Chinese Ash finger joint board is less corrosion resistance than core wood; the sapwood is vulnerable to the consuming of flour beetle and the common furniture beetle; its uneasy to dry and easy to warp and crack. It is recommended that Chinese ash solid wood furniture must be placed in a dry environment with dry protection.

(2) The Chinese Ash solid wood furniture, with large deformation, made of solid wood, usually made with small pieces of wood. Chunks of wood are easy to shrink and deform, which is not suitable. Some Chinese Ash furniture basically use the solid Chinese Ash wood as the main frame, the large areas are using Chinese ash veneer, which is also because of the big shrink and deformation feature of the Chinese Ash finger-joint board. So we suggest the way of combining the Chinese ash and other joinery when doing the Chinese Ash solid wood furniture. It can be processed with clear and mix treatment, making the wood grain dyed with black or white color, and creating a modern sense of the Chinese ash. 


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