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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Finger Jointed Board And Melamine Board
Dec 06, 2016

Advantages and Disadvantages of Finger Jointed Board And Melamine Board

Advantages of finger jointed board and melamine Board

  • Finger jointed board: the method of processing finger jointed board is similar to the method of blockboard, but because it does not need to make the middle plywood glue others which are above or under it, the glue it used is much lower than blockboard, and this is one of the reasons why it is widely circulated. In addition to the advantage of environmental protection, finger jointed board still has many other superiority. For example, its surface can directly uses water lacquer, it is more environmental; moreover, in the respect of price, it is very affordable; and it has natural texture because it is made by solid wood.

  • Blockboard: it is beautifully shaped and has harmonious color and luster, its surface can artificially copy various kinds of wood. Although it does not have natural smell, its lifelike texture and color still gives people natural and simple feelings. In addition, the performance of blockboard is excellent in all respects. Such as corrosion resistance, generic solvents like acid,alkali and ethyl alcohol are invalid to it; such as fire resistance, it can extinguish when it leaves fire. Furthermore, it can directly install instead of using paint. It’s convenient and fast and also avoids pollution caused by paints.

Disadvantages of finger jointed board and melamine Board

  • Finger jointed board: although finger jointed board is solid wood material, the furniture made by it is not really solid wood furniture. And because finger jointed board is generally made by uses pine and cypress and so on, these woods are easily deformed because of their high moisture capacity.

  • Blockboard: the formaldehyde content of faulty blockboard might be much higher than standard, it may influence body health. So consumers should choose quality-assured big brand to purchase blockboard. In addition, though blockboard is easy to install, it also need be careful, because it’s hard to repair if its surface be damaged

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