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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mahogany Wood Furniture
Sep 06, 2017

Mahogany wood is one of the most valuable woods in the world. The mahogany wood furniture is beautiful. The style is generous and decent. Therefore, it is popular by many consumers. But people know less about mahogany wood furniture. So today we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany wood furniture.



The advantages of mahogany wood furniture -- beautiful appearance

In the essence of mahogany wood furniture, mahogany is a prefer high temperature, drought resistant, solid and light material; From the appearance of it, mahogany wood has beautiful, rich and varied patterns. Mahogany wood furniture also looks romantic. At the same time, its different unique character lets the general consumer fondle admiringly.


The advantages of mahogany wood furniture -- solid

Mahogany is a solid, resilient material that can be made in a variety of shapes. The dry shrinkage of the wood is small, the wood grain is very beautiful, and the wood is easy to twist and sculpture. The beautiful and generous appearance making the furniture fashionable and beautiful. Hard wood is suitable to make large pieces of furniture, easy to polish, not easy to deform. The furniture will be durable. Thats why it became the royal household furniture.



The advantages of mahogany wood furniture -- durable

The well-made mahogany wood furniture is mainly used for over 35 years of growth of mahogany wood. The growth cycle of mahogany wood from seedling to big tree is 35 to 40 years. The mature mahogany wood is solid and light, with good plasticity. Strong corrosion resistance, good for preservation; Wear-resisting, not easy to deform. The use life of this kind of mahogany wood to make furniture can last several hundred years.


The advantages of mahogany wood furniture -- anti-carrion and insect repellent

Mahogany is a kind of hardwood. Hardwood is generally very resistant to decay, and also the mahogany. And as its compact and dense, which makes mahogany's strong anti-corrosive. Mahogany, meanwhile, has its own unique aroma, this fragrance can be away termites, which is the best choice for the ant plains people. This is also one of the necessary advantages of high-end wood.




The disadvantages of mahogany wood furniture -- large color difference

Mahogany wood furniture is pink, so the color difference is large. And using in a large area will make furniture texture unclear and highlight the black-sand. So the mahogany wood commonly used as local adornment.


The disadvantages of mahogany wood furniture -- limited production

Each year the output of mahogany wood furniture is limited, high quality is rarer. So mahogany wood serves as the good wood for making furniture, the price is costly relatively. Therefore, consumers must see clearly before choosing, lest individual businesses fool consumers by using defective goods.

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