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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spruce Wood Finger Jointed Board
Dec 01, 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of Spruce wood finger jointed board

Spruce finger joint board have good wood, and wood color can be unified and it is high for glue the bonding degree, can use environmental protection glue, cold glue, cold spell, without the use of hot pressing, without formaldehyde glue, wood drying, Chinese fir will cut; then the depth of the drying small open again; the tooth, and then open the tooth parts and small side glue brushing through the extrusion machine fixed. 

The product does not crack, no deformation, beautiful appearance, suit to make furniture and other environmental protection products. Spruce finger jointed wardrobe seemed quiet and soft, bright and warm with a natural feeling, a fine but smooth wood texture. Not only full of reality, but also has a real natural beauty, it has smooth and full well-proportioned lines. But with cedar in incense cedar wood alcohol can kill the bacteria in the air, can inhibit human pathogens, has inhibitory effect on skin inflammation

The advantages and disadvantages of Spruce wood jointed board: high water content, no need deep drying. That would weaken its compressive strength. Because is refers to the board, is splicing into, if the wardrobe of a board deformation, and the rest will be more or less prone to deformation, and some slight deformation is invisible to the naked eye. This may be better than plug wood block board. More frequent maintenance, the need for regular maintenance. Easy to drying crack under high temperature condition, and also easy to ooze color, sometimes easily deformed.

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