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An Encyclopedia Of Wooden Moulding’s Features
Dec 29, 2016

An Encyclopedia Of Wooden Moulding’s Features

  • Wooden moulding use Hardwood, Importing Foreign Miscellaneous Wood, White Wood, White Ash Wood, China Ash Wood, Kapur(San Cheong), Walnut Wood, Teak Wood and so on. They all have the characteristic of thinner, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non-split, cut smooth, excellent machine performance, good coloring, good bonding and strong nail. After drying, it is processed through mechanical or handmade.

  • Wooden Moulding are widely used as many species, various shapes and specifications, frequently used in different materials, different shapes and sealing side, seal, and a variety of materials (mainly wood) edges from different levels of surface's junction, and so on. It is the essential part of wood decorative effect, the grades of decoration and workmanship can also be seen. Wood mouldings are mainly used in sealing side and seal in wooden decorationwhich can perfect match the ceiling, wallboard, wall waist line and foundation line. It also can be used for door frames, door casing, window frames, and so on. Wood moulding have so much advantages, such as elegant in style and color, fine workmanship. It can make your home decoration wonderfully, and make thhe home design full of the level and art of beauty. However, the unevenness in the quality of the mouldings on the market, once the consumer selected inferior products, which leads to furniture tilted.

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