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Characteristics Of Different Kinds Of Maple Wood Veneers
Jun 03, 2017

      A few years ago, due to the excessive deforestation of Northeast Maple veneer, only to now has few existing maples. So it made wood veneer with inferior quality, and it is usually applied in the furniture inside facing and the American maple veneer is present normal one in the market with a medium price.


Ⅰ. Maple is a high-end decorative wood with it’s skin lines crisscross, thin and uniform structure, light but hard, fine patterns, color coordination and without scar knot. The best maple in the world is Canadian maple. It has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer.

Ⅱ. Maple veneer is a splendid building decoration wood. It’s easy to process, but the cut surface is not smooth enough and easy to warp when drying. And it has good painting and coating properties, good scuffing. Also with the advantages of strong nail holding power, fastness, firm, durable, beautiful and high-end.


maple veneer.jpg

      Maple veneer has a high price as its particularity and limited production, mainly for high-end clubs, starred hotel for luxury decoration. With the needs of the people for styling decoration, the demand of similar veneer will be gradually increasing.


      Several common maple wood veneers are introduced:


      Birdseye Maple: Birdseye refers to is a kind of wood, of which surface texture of the fingerboard is birdseye figured. The birdseye veneer in the market is mainly made of maple wood. Maple is a temperate wood, which can divide into two kinds: hard maple and soft maple. It has clear curly grain, light color as the most suitable material for hotel furniture. It looks stylish and high-end.


birdseye maple.jpg

      Figured Maple origins from North America with wood hardness is moderate, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, high stability and dense fine texture. It is a maple derivative, which is not much in the maple, so it is also called Figured Sycamore. Figured Sycamore is rare varieties with higher prices, mostly used in high-end hotel decoration.

figured maple.jpg


      White maple veneer with milky white, elegant color uniformity, high hardness, high strength and low shrinkage rate. It used for furniture veneer and ordinary indoor furniture.


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