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Characteristics Of Dyed Veneer
Sep 22, 2017

Dyed veneers use the high-tech processing technology. The natural veneer after the defect treatment and coloring produced make a new type of the beautiful and exquisite decorative materials. And it is collectively known as dyeing veneer. It is a beneficial supplement of natural wood veneer. Because of its color flexibility, it has left the imagination space for the designer. Making the living environment a lot of color.

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Dyed veneer: a decorative material of new era. Use the original natural wood for processing and dyeing, without losing the natural wood characteristics (light color and natural texture). It can also show the creative special color (ordinary paint effect will only cover the wood texture and color of itself). Thus, it enriched the color of modern design.


From the selection of suitable veneer (some veneer can not do it due to the essential problem), to the factory bleaching processing (usually takes about 6 hours, times depends on the wood itself). The purpose is to unify the color and process next. And after a good modulation of the pigment (dye) soaked, the basic veneer has a color. Then fixing color, drying, hot pressing, cutting, packaging.


Quality requirements: the color does not fade, the whole batch of goods not more than three kinds of color difference. Flat, and the humidity does not exceed 10%, no residue of chemicals, no peculiar smell.

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Advantage >>

First of all, after processing the dyed veneer, the surface is smooth, not only the color is various, but also can be good to meet the requirements of different decoration sites and the majority texture preferences of customers.


Second, it can restore all kinds of rare and precious wood. So that many consumers will be able to complete the extinction of all kinds of extinct tree products even if they do not have to accept the expensive cost. This is the "created for dyed veneer".


Then, to complete the transformation of the original wood defects. Natural wood discoloration, insect holes and other original inevitable flaws can also be overcome with the help of technology. Because it guarantees and optimizes the combination of technology wood and natural wood.

So what are the benefits of natural veneer? According to reports, natural veneer’s raw materials are from the natural. Its texture can not be changed, more natural and beautiful. If the core is all solid wood material, the surface uses a variety of natural veneer, then, it will have a strong three-dimensional, artistic sense, but also has no deformation, no warping characteristics.

Compared to dyed veneer, the price of natural veneer is more expensive. At the same time, because of the natural veneer selection surface is large, in terms of grade, quality, origin, or color, pattern, finish, it can meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, the natural veneer is widely decorated in the door, bathroom, kitchen door and so on.

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