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Cherry Wood | Carving Time, Fathoming The Beauty Of Nature And Life
Nov 16, 2016

Cherry Wood Carving time, Fathoming The Beauty of Nature and Life - Part One

In today's world of furniture material, the most beautiful wood texture is the cherry woodwhose wood texture is extremely modern. Cherry is known as the "wooden treasure", produced in northern Europe and North America and other boreal regions, there are many enthusiasts all over the world.

Bright color, delicate, natural, heartwood color from bright red to reddish brown, or from deep red to light brown, the color of cherry wood becomes dark after sun. Cherry wood has a fine, uniform, smooth, straight texture, fine lines in the narrow brown spots and tiny tree capsules. T Enthusiasts like the black wooden node most, which reflects the nature.


The cherry wood is hard, exquisite, dyeing and polishing, and has excellent smooth surface after sanding. The good coating quality of cherry wood can not be exceeded, and its uniform wood coating is excellent as well. Cherry wood is of medium density, with good wood bending properties, low rigidity, medium strength and anti vibration ability. Wood is easy to manual processing or machining, low wear on the tool, good nail holding force, nice adhesive force and good polishing. Dry shrinkage is quite large, but perfect dimensional stability after drying.


Cherry wood has a distinctive aura, the color and luster will be deepened with the passage of time. It shows a light red when you have just got the furniture, but it will gradually become darker. The color of the furniture in different periods will miraculously tend to harmony, the longer the color, the more valuable. Feelings through precipitation and temper will exudes the fragrance of wisdom  with the change of the years. Elegant and natural texture is more clear and solid after a time of neat. Deeper and deeper the texture, each section of the lines are the mark of the years, missing of the witness, " growing old slowly be with you ".


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