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Cherry Wood | Carving Time, Permeating The Beauty Of Nature And Life
Nov 17, 2016

Cherry wood | Carving time, permeating the beauty of nature and life - Part Two

Cherry is "missing tree" in the poets' eyes, so it is called "emotional wood", leading the people to understand the beauty of the nature, the world and the life. 

Cherry wood is very popular, so it is often used to create a variety of decorative furniture, musical instruments and wooden comb etc. Cherry wood is often used as interior decoration for luxury cars, 

such as Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz, etc. From 17th century early, the cherry wood is loved by carpenter and craftsman. As the English proverb goes "What is beloved is the treasure".


The gorgeous texture and natural gloss of cherry wood reveals a magnificent and noble spirituality. Cherry wood is the crown of all woods for its exquisite and delicate materials and tactility, the lovely color of cherry wood, with the time of spiritual sublimation. Cherry and cherry tree play an irreplaceable position and value in the Chinese literature and life. The good fame of cherry, a diamond in fruits, and acrossing the sea, which make cherry show the mind of the world.


To be frank, the color of Chinese classical furniture, especially mahogany timber, is too deep, that weaken the influence of the education and popularization of the new generation. Cherry wood, without dark and old color, appeal to the pursuit of bright-color and vibrant modern interior decoration style. It ought to be a better choice to modern furniture material for the scarcity of pterostilbene and scented rosewood.


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