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Color Selection Of Wood Moulding
Dec 30, 2016

Color Selection of Wood Moulding

The color of wood moulding is one of the important factors which affecting the architectural decoration works. In interior decoration project, using the physical effects of color and physiological and psychological aspects of human perception and association, making the most use of the role of color to adjust space scale, create space atmosphere, and for improving interior art environment and meeting people's aesthetic needs.

Wood moulding properties of material surface luster is the direction of reflected light. It plays a decisive role in the clarity of the image formed on the surface of the material. The more smooth the material surface, the higher the gloss. When it is directed reflection, the material surface with mirror characteristics, called specular reflection. With different gloss, the material surface can change the light and shade degree. What’s more, it can widen horizons or cause different virtual reality contrast. Material gloss can be measured by using photoelectric gloss meter.

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