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Colors Of Natural Wood Veneer
Jun 01, 2017

    Natural veneers are made of logs from natural growing trees and are a kind of veneer material. Throughout the world, there is a variety of natural wood veneer, as many as 300 or more. Different varieties of natural wood veneers show different textures and colors, so their styles are different. And in the same tree species, what are the main color difference? Three common color differences are described below.

wood species.jpg

      The first one is the uneven color. In the natural wood veneer, almost every tree species may have different extent of shades when cut the tree bark. Generally speaking, when the log cut to the core material, the color will deepen, and some will become shallow. Some of them present a completely different color only share a similar texture . The following is the depth difference of the black walnut:

wood species 1.jpg

      The second is the two tone color. There are some wood innate with such color, but not every kind of trees will have this color. It can be mostly manifested as each half of Yin and Yang, there is some with Yin and Yang. There are some classes that are entirely white to the edges, and this is actually the two color. As following chart:

wood species 0.jpg

      The last one is similar to some more special colors like olive woods’. This color is also an important selling point for this type of veneer, characterized by uneven random distribution in wood everywhere with a different depth color.  If designed well, such veneer will have a strong sense of design effect:

wood species 2.jpg

      To sum up, we should choose the different color veneers according to the decoration style and the desired effect.

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