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Common Four Categories Of Decorative Wood Materails
Dec 14, 2016

Common Four Categories Of Decorative Wood Materails

Now on the market, the main decoration wood materials are artificial wooden board, artificial fancy board, wooden flooring and wood mouldings

Common decorative wood materials are divided into four categories

  • Artificial Wooden board 

The artificial wooden board wood timber, wood fiber, wood chips or other natural wood fabric as materials,  add adhesives and other additives , then manufactured into wood  board. The species mainly include plywood, fibreboard, blockboard , chipboard and particle board.

Plywood, is composed of more than three layers of  wood sheet, including hardwood plywood and softwood plywood.

Fiber board, is a kind of artificial boards which use some wood, bamboo or other crop stalks, plant fiber to process. According to the different nature, the fiber board is divided into hard fiber board, semi hard fiber board and soft fiber board.


Particleboard,  is also called chipboard, which is made of wood scraps and glue. According to the liminated methods, which can be divided into flat pressing particleboard and rolling pressing particleboard.


Coreboard, the core board is spliced of wood board, and the two surface are natural core wood veneers, commonly known as the big core board.


Flakeboard, it is the edge angle that uses wood to make remaining material, through cutting, drying, glue and hot pressing.

Excelsior board is also called Wanli plate, is the use of wood scraps, the machines dig into the wood, through the penetration of the chemical solution, then mixed into cement, molding pressure, condensation, and boring.

  • Artificial fancy board 

Artificial  fancy board include thin decorative veneered wood board and lacquered building decorative board.

  • Assembled wooden flooring

Assembled wooded flooring is a kind of small wood strip which is made of China ash, Chinese oak, teak, walnut and so on, through dry processing. They can be assembled to form a beautiful picture.

  • Wood Mouldings

Wood mouldings choose good quality hardwood , the processing properties of painting color, outstanding performance, good adhesion, strong nails, then through dry processing, mechanical processing or manual processing . Wood mouldings include skirting, door frame moulding, crown moulding, ceiling corner moulding etc.

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