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Common Sense Of Wood Moulding Purchasing
Dec 29, 2016

Common Sense of Wood Moulding Purchasing

  • How to buy wood mouldings?

  • The wood moulding are sold by meter, The length per moulding is 2.2 -2.44 meters. Our company      can customize extension mouldings. If you need to customize other specifications, we can provide specific specifications and sizes according to your detailed demand.

  • The price of wood moulding.

  • Different customized mouldings, different price. our online price is not the actual price. The actual price is based on solid wood material, wood veneer, moulding width, thickness and length , all these to determine the final price.


What do you need to be aware of when selecting wood mouldings?

  • The processing quality of wood moulding is one of the key tips of decorated wood mouldings. We should choose the moulding of clean, smooth, no burr, no bug and no other problems, ans pay attention to the definition of pattern.

  • If the decorative wood mouldings are used for filling and edge pressing , should choose the flexible and soft wood moulding.

  • The use of wood moulding should be not too frequent, pay attention to aesthetics and practicality;

  • Wood mouldings have a lot of material, should be chosen by different application.

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