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Comparison Of Engineered Veneers And Natural Veneers
Jul 26, 2017

        Veneer, also known as sliced cut veneer which is mainly used in wooden products and facings , it was popular in the 50’ of last century, After half a century of development, there are mainly two kinds: engineered veneer and natural veneer. Natural veneer is produced by a recombination of cutting according to design pattern, and most of these natural veneers are made of fast-growing, easily colored wood. Because of the design,the general texture of unity is good. The raw materials of natural veneer are pure natural,with its texture not be changed, natural beauty is incomparable.If the inner core is all solid wood material and the surface is made of natural veneers, it has a strong three-dimensional effect and artistic sense,with the characteristics of non deformation and non warping. The natural wood veneer has natural characteristics and different textures. To say it with exaggeration, even without any two pieces, is exactly the same, so it is characterized by big differences in texture, and conforms to the aesthetic orientation of the pursuit of nature.

Otherwise natural veneer more environmental protection,to avoid paint pollution.let your live more natural and healthy.

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        Consumers are often confused in the choice of engineered veneers and natural veneers,which one has more advantages? It depends on you and your customers. First of all, natural veneers and engineered veneers have their own styles. Secondly, though natural veneer has shortages, its textures are more natural and gorgeous. And the engineered veneer has no shortages, but its texture is more mechanical. And among the same kind of high-grade veneers, the price of natural veneer is several times than the technical veneer’s, so the final choice depends on the preferences and budget of the consumers.

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