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Croth Veneer, Hot Luxury Decorative Natural Wood Veneer
Dec 09, 2016

Croth Veneer, Hot Luxury Decorative Natural Wood Veneer

Crotch means the bifurcation of trees. Crotch exists in the area where the two branches grow to connect or branches grow from the stock of trees. Crotch grain is taken from wood grain of conterminous branches. In this circumstance, it is very easy to appear the condition of bark pocket, which is the reason why many crotches rupture in the middle of them. So it is very difficult to get high-quality crotch grain veneer and percentage of outturn is low, which is the reason why crotches are relatively expensive at the market of veneer.

In the case of trees growing naturally, trees will become taut under extra pressure, even if a branch have grown into many branches, but these pressed part connect with original branches. So crotches usually present extreme changes of textures. However, this process also makes hardness of bole become harder. So it can support distortion and compression of wood fiber and then produce a variety of textures.It is good looking.

On the basis of the state of texture,crotch can be divided into feather crotch(such as Mahogany crotch veneer) and flame crotch (such as Okoume crotch veneer). Many times, crotch veneer 's grain is bilaterally symmetrical as well as texture of crotch grain. So it looks like an open book or likes thoracic ribs of human body which are also called rib texture. Typical representatives of crotch grain veneer are Mahogany crotch veneer, Cerejeira crotch veneer, Walnut crotch veneer and so on. And some are Anigre crotch veneer, Macore crotch veneer, White oak crotch veneer, European maple crotch veneer, Cherry crotch veneer and so on.

In the last 2015 years,the development trend of our decoration industry had dropped a bit to the original state,but the application of crotch veneer had still increased a little. According to incomplete statistics, amounts in consumption of crotch veneer is more than 500,000 square meter in 2015. And it is believed that it will continue to grow. By this token, demand degree and passion of crotch grain in the market is reasonably high. At present, in every veneer market, the demand for high level of Mahogany crotch and Okoume crotch and so on exceeds the supply. Many furniture factories can hardly wait to search for these veneer. This situation will continue in 2016. Although supplies of other crotch veneers like Walnut crotch veneer, Cherry crotch veneer, Anigre crotch veneer are not much, maybe these crotch veneerd will be used and sold more with customers know crotch more and market is eager for crotch veneer. In a word, the liveness of crotch veneer in the market will continue to grow and every businessman who selling veneer is optimistic about the use of crotch veneer in every area of market.

Along with the advancement of the age and the development of the society, the circumstance of our life becomes more and more modern. Top grade and luxury become no longer fanciful. That furniture is decorated with wood veneer becomes more popular. As one kind of upscale and special veneer texture, crotch veneer usually decorates high grade furniture, luxurious kitchen and classical or modern office and so on. It is suitable for modern and classical home decoration. Its decorative effect can’t be replaced by other wood veneer. Its intense visual effect reveal the texture of natural wood veneer incisively and vividly. It fully reveal its luxurious and noble quality. Nature and technology makes a superior living standard.

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