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Dyed Veneers
May 18, 2017

    EP - Excellent Panel, it means very beautiful, exquisite wood, which is the use of high-tech processing technology, a new decorative materials for coloring and defect treatment, known as dyeing wood . The veneer is made of dyed wood ,which is called dyed veneer.

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    Dyed Veneer is a new decorative materials, after processing and dyeing in natural wood, and did not lose the natural wood traits (light color and natural texture). It can also play a particularly creative color (general paint will only cover the wood’s own obvious texture, color, etc.) to add vast color for modern design.


Quality requirements: color does not stain, the bulk of the goods are less than three kinds of discolorations, flat, moisture content less than 10%, no residual chemicals, no smell.

Characteristics of dyed veneer 

1. Natural texture: EP is a dye process of natural veneer, so it remains the original natural feeling and texture. After treatment, the surface of the dyed veneer is smooth, not only the color is very rich, but also can meet the requirements of different decoration sites and the majority of the purchase of their own preferences.

2. Surface zero defects: when EP are processed, it has removed the natural wood defects, such as the inevitable wormhole, scarring and so on. It has abundant color, variety styles, easy to construct, and it can achieve a more realistic color effect only need to varnish.

3. Green environmental protection: when EP are processing, it is not only  strictly in accordance with the relevant national standards for formaldehyde release Limited production test, but also in the use of raw materials is to avoid the increasingly scarce species resource consumption, green are more environmental .

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