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Ebony Veneer
Aug 05, 2017

Types of Ebony

1, African striped ebony (features as clear black and yellow stripes, striated grain, coarse fiber the wood is also called jackals Bessie).


2, African mixed grain ebony ( also features as clear black and yellow stripes, and irregular grain) Striped ebony and mixed grain ebony originates from the same kind of trees. Different cutting methods shape different grains. Striped ebony and mixed grain ebony are cut in the longitudinal and oblique directions respectively.

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3, Mozambique ebony (characterizes by gray and yellow color and old wood close to black, large pores, clear hair grain. The grain tends to be mixed grain, less striped grain. The grain color is black and yellow. This wood easily cracks in dry climates for its hard and crisp quality and low oil content. (Based on the formal name recognized by botanist, Mozambique ebony does not belong to the ebony).


The above three kinds of ebony are relatively more common on the market.   Testing "fake Indonesia ebony" and "authentic Indonesian ebony" in detail, we can found that their timbers are not as good as Indonesia ebony in the elasticity.

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Methods to distinguish fake ebony

With the rising incomes, people pay more and more attention to the quality of the tea tray. And there are a lot of people buy ebony tea tray. Therefore, it is necessary for consumers to know how to distinguish fake ebony tea tray.

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1, Ebony is the world's rarest and most precious wood species, so authentic ebony tea tray is expensive. How to identify fake ebony tea tray? Firstly, know about the fake methods. Now the most common is to paint Mozambique ebony, but unpainted Indonesian ebony tea tray is very lustrous through polishing. As used a long time, the ebony tea tray produces the fat. Then a transparent protective layer(Patina) is gradually formed on the surface. The thicker and fuller the patina is, the higher the tray's value is. So you could notice the painted tea tray, if possible, scratch the tray with the coarse sand to know whether it is a fake one or not.

2, Ebony belongs to persimmon and originates from Indonesia. The edge of ebony is white to reddish brown. The core of ebony is black with irregular deep and shallow stripes. The Ebony is glossy and no special smell. Its texture is black and white to the light interlaced With a uniform structure distribution, good durability, and fine material. All these advantages make ebony become a very rare precious furniture and handicrafts materials.

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