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Engineering Veneer Is More And More Widely Used
May 13, 2017

    Engineering veneer is a new type of wood material, which is made by using the principle of bionics and high-tech processing, recombine and beautify the normal wood to made it a better new wood material. The veneer which is made of engineering wood called engineering veneer.

                                   engineering veneer.jpg

Engineering veneer has the following advantages:

1. After processed, engineering veneer has smooth surface, and not only the color is very rich, but also can well meet the requirements of different decoration sites. People can different veneer according to their own texture preferences.


2. It can copy all kinds of rare and precious wood species, so that consumers do not have to bear the high cost to bring home various valuable wood species and even the extinction of the wood species. This is the "bright spot of the engineering veneer ".

recon Walnut burl veneer recon veneers (2).jpg

3. It can remove the original wood defects. Discoloration, worm holes, and the original inevitable defects of the natural wood can also be overcome with the help of science and technology to better ensure and optimize the combination of science and technology wood and natural wood.

4. high-usage : engineering veneer has overcome the defects of natural veneer products, which has no wormholes, knots and discoloration. Because of the regularity and consistency of the engineering veneer, they avoid the differences in texture and colors from different logs and batches in nature wood.

recon Teak veneer recon veneers (1).jpg

5. Great product development potential: With the implementation of the national emergency measures and policies to protect natural forests, available rare species has decreased, which makes the engineering wood products as a substitute of the rare species of decorative materials.

6. Wide size: The engineering veneer overcomes the limitation of the small diameter in natural veneer, and can be processed into different sizes according to different needs.

7. Processing convenience: It is easy to processing, anti-corrosive, moisture-proof and fireproof (flame retardant), resistant to moisture treatment.

recon birdeyes veneer recon veneers (3).jpg

recon oak veneer (dyed)recon veneers (4).jpg

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