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Feature Of Birch Veneer
Sep 26, 2017

Birch has a close relationship with beech and oak trees of fagaceae. It is mainly grown in the temperate climate of the northern hemisphere. Birch, alias Birch book, usually shrubs or small and medium-sized trees, common types of white Birch, Birch, black Birch, etc., Birch leaves of the leaves were jagged, or shallow crack. Its fruit is a small fin fruit, although some varieties of fruit on the wing is not obvious. The difference between Birch and alder (Alnus, another family of the same family) is that, unlike the feminine-like female catkins of alder's magnification.

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The genus is about 100 species, mainly in the north temperate zone, and a few species are distributed to the Arctic region. There are 29 varieties and 6 varieties in China. All over the country are distributed.


Growing environment

Birch grows in the northern hemisphere, Birch is one of the earliest trees after the glacier retreat. Cold, fast-growing, more immune to pests and diseases, for reforestation, control of soil erosion, protection or conservation of trees.


Main application

The wood of the Birch is light brown to reddish brown, with shiny surfaces and a smooth mechanism. Yellow and white slightly brown, ring clear, pure body, slightly heavy, fine structure, mechanical strength, flexible, hygroscopic, dry and easy to crack warping. It is not very durable in a fragile environment, and is used more in plywood. Birch is commonly used in special plywood, flooring, furniture, pulp, interior decoration materials, travel equipment, plywood and so on. The furniture is smooth and wearable, with clear patterns. Now for the production structure, parquetry, and internal frame.

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Simple and convenient, favorable price, and more durable. Birch's material structure is also very delicate and soft and smooth, Birch texture is obvious and relatively straight, giving a sense of tidiness. Birch elasticity is also very good, better processing performance, Birch section smooth, painted on the bonding performance better.



First of all, the nodules and roots of the Birch are patterned. If there is a pattern on a piece of furniture, it may look incongruous. Birch moisture absorption is strong, easy to mold rot, corrosion resistance is not good, if too dry is not good, easy to dry, and wear resistance is not good. Birch generally do not make furniture, because of Birch juicy, excessive force deformation, mostly used for cabinet etc.

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