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Four Key Tips Of Wood Moulding Backdrop Construction
Dec 19, 2016

Four Key Tips Of Wood Moulding Backdrop Construction

With the owners increased and the selection of backdrop, and its solid texture and simple devices of the decorative moulding manufacturers. People want to learn more about the key tips of wood moulding device construction. 

I. Preparation before operations

Before the installation of the backdrop, the wall should be leveled, and  be coated with good moisture-proof layer for maintenance. When selecting the wood mouldings, request the flat appearance on the back side, smooth on the outside, uniform of maintenance paint. According to the width to snap line, the work carried out only after drying.


II. Drilling the wall to install wooden wedge

Construction started in the beginning of the dry wall, in order to make the wood moulding backdrop more fixed, wooden wedge can be set as a bracket with frame line the wall. Request installation and snapping line alignment, wedge flat and close to the wall. So that the uniform of background data can be more stable. And the light wood texture can install on the wall directly without wood wedge ,it depends.

III. Wood moulding installation operations

Installation of wood mouldings on the wall, the primary method is to using the staple, fix it in the groove or the rear view by nailing, with nail head smashed. Wooden mouldings fixed on the wall do not loose, can be supplemented by glue. Splicing the wood moulding with cross-section smooth and flat.


IV. Notes of wood moulding backdrop

Using wood moulding for the backdrop, attention should be paid to the design pattern whether manufacturing dimension accurate or not, as well as the snapping line. So that the installation position can be accurately.

Moulding joints requested for seam without wrong side, regular corner cutting, common view, each block must be identified before proceeding to the next piece.

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