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Four Maintenance Tips About Wood Stair And Handrails
Dec 14, 2016

Four Maintenance Tips About Wood Stair And Handrails

First, solid wood stairs should choose the more ideal material.  Second, from the sense of the surface paint, texture, shape, structure and decoration work for many European wood mouldings to observe and touch.

 A good product will be able to feel out of touch. Solid wood staircase manufacturing process is more complicated, from the selection of raw wood materials into the factory to dry a series of manufacturing process, has been to the surface coating treatment, is very strict and scientific.

Therefore, we have to select the strength of the company's professional standardization of products manufacturedDo not choose some wood stairs which are made by small wood workshop and selling price is  very low. 

As the saying goes, "cheap no good goods" does have its truth. In accordance with the standards of developed countries in the world of home decoration, and decoration of the whole staircase price price compared to the former should be accounted for 10-20% of the latter, under normal circumstances, the stairs consumption price shall be accounted for the overall renovation costs 10%.

No matter the wooden stairs or steel stairs, iron staircase, during the use of the process, we should pay attention to moistureproof, fire resistant and impact resistant.

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