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Home Decoration Required Experience On Wood Moulding
Dec 26, 2016

Home Decoration Required Experience On Wood Moulding

Whether you have decoration experience or not, how much cost for the decoration in the end, how to determine the appropriate decoration mode, how to choose a good design, how to find a decoration company with suitable price, may be no one knows the answer. You may take a look in the market before decoration, discuss with your family and relatives, select in the limited decoration company and construction team, and then sign a construction contract. Up to a list of materials procurement, but these are just the concept of the plan. In practice there is a missing item, not necessarily inexpensive, and the plan cannot keep pace with changes.


In the process of communicating with the client, We will provide a form for them to fill out, make a preliminary market survey, clarify and order their requirements, and then help them analyze what is not worth and what is insufficient, let them know how to communicating and cooperate with the decoration company and designer.


Family status questionnaire is necessary, as too many elements involved in the decoration process, sometimes it doesn’t make it clear by oral telling, or the designer clerk can not remember, and repeat again the question when communicate with other people, even a few times. So the basic information of these decoration must be clear, shorten the pre-communication process. The questionnaire included basic housing conditions, family conditions, total investment, decoration grade, specific regional requirements, decoration model to be adopted, decoration company and construction team to be chosen and the reasons for choosing them, hoping work date etc.

In this way, according to the specific requirements of the owners, you can help them to make a wise right decision, choose the appropriate program.

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