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How To Calculate The Depletion Of Wood Moulding?
Dec 30, 2016

How To Calculate The Depletion Of Wood Moulding?

Wood moulding’s main materialitself, which are divided into brickband moulding, half round moulding, base cap moulding, inside/outside corner moulding and crown moulding etc.  

According to varieties and specifications to calculate, each types can be divided into different of size. As it can be customized or special processing according customer’s needs, so it will have some loss, approximately 5~8%. Small specifications wood mounding often use nail gun of 20mm. When we account the wood moulding , we must calculate them respectively based on different varieties and specifications of each side   .

Generally for small specifications of wood moulding like 10~25mm. We use ordinary iron spike and PUR/EVA, 309 glue, TROPIC, etc.

As auxiliary material of wood moulding is nail and glue. Its radius and quantities should be listed separately. Each 100m amount of wood needed for 10pcs. If we use nails to fix, the width should be large specification of wood moulding in width 25~60mm, each 100m amount of wood needed for 20pcs, plus the loss, each 100m should be 30pcs.

Above for reference, ER Moulding reminds you , the specific material needs a specific measure. If any inquiry, please call us.  

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