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How To Distinguish White Oak Furniture
Aug 12, 2017


How to distinguish white oak furniture?

1.Fine and clear woodgrain. Check no painting part of dark oak furniture carefully.

white oak furniture.jpg

2.The grain is clear and beautiful. The clearer the white oak grain is, the higher the value is.

3. Pure wood color. Original color type is the best choice for white oak furniture. Rubber wood color is impure, and it even has the miscellaneous and black spot. You need pay more attention to deep color (such as dark red, dark black etc.) furniture. At present, some domestic furniture manufacturers buy some common wood at a very cheap price from Hunan, Jiangxi make furniture and told consumer common furniture is oak furniture

4. Dry woodiness. As the white oak is hard, it is difficult to become dry. Some manufacturers are eager to purchase profit. They produced furniture with damp oak. These furniture starts deforming after a year.

5. Straight wood. Oak wood is easy to deform in dehydration process, but many manufacturers still use these deformed materials to make furniture. 

oak furniture 0.jpg

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