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Increasingly Growing Veneer Market
May 12, 2017

       With the application of wood-based panels in the production of furniture and wood products, various kinds of veneer and edge banding materials are used for surface decoration and edge sealing. Veneer (including edging) materials according to their different types of materials, including wood, have many types, including natural veneer, artificial veneer, veneer sheet, etc..


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    There have two main functions: one for surface protection and another for surface decoration. Different facing materials have different decorative effects. Among them, veneer as a kind of high class facing material, is the most commonly used one in furniture manufacturing and interior decoration. The veneer facing technology has a long history. Its realistic excellent characteristics can make the surface of products appear with natural wood grain and color. Veneer facing is still one of the most popular decorative method now. They are widely used in furniture and home decoration.

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     In order to beautify the appearance of the product, improve the use of performance, protect the surface, improve the intensity, high-grade furniture and wood products need to be surface finishing or veneering treatment. Veneer of valuable species are faced on the substrate and board to achieve a nature wood characteristics including wood grain and wood color.

The application of veneer:

1. Veneer facing is widely used in classical furniture, modern panel furniture, solid wood composite door

2 Veneer facing is widely used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, entertainment clubs, villas and other interior decoration;

3 Veneers are widely used in interior decoration of automobiles and luxury yachts;

4 veneer is widely used in piano, violin, high-end audio function of musical instruments, other wood products, crafts surface.




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