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Main Disadvantage Of MDF Moulding
Nov 30, 2016

Main Disadvantage Of MDF Moulding

  • The biggest disadvantage of MDF is not moisture-proof, and it will expand when water go in. When using the MDF baseboard, MDF door frame and window frame it should be noted that six sides are painted, so that it will not be deformed.


  • In the case of high water swelling in the fiber expansion rate, large deformation, long time bearing deformation than the homogeneous solid wood particle board. Although the poor moisture resistance of MDF, no screws loose, easily fixed. The smooth MDF surface, fine texture, stable performance, easy to shape, solid edge, avoiding the decay, insects and other issues. In the anti-bending strength and impact strength, MDF is better than particleboard, and excellent decorative plate surface, better than the solid wood furniture appearance.

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