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Maintenance Of Wood Edge Banding
Jul 29, 2017

Maintenance of wood edge banding

With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more hotels, office buildings and residential houses use high-grade solid wooden doors. People love its natural, noble, simple and good decoration style. But after a period of time, people also proposed some complaints. Among them, one of the main problems that makes it difficult for manufacturers to solve is the edge banding line’s cracks. Then, what causes the edge banding line’s cracks of the solid wood doors? Is there any way to avoid it?

wood edge banding (1).png

The reason of the crack wood door’s edge banding line:

(1) The water content of the edge banding line of the solid wood door is not qualified (>18%). In the use of door pages, natural drying produces internal stress;

(2) The ratio of the solid wood door adhesive and the curing liquid is not reasonable, which decrease its adhesion;

(3) After the preparation of the adhesive, the use time exceeds the required time, weakening the cohesiveness;

(4) The adhesive container is not cleaned in time, which affects the bonding property.

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(1). During the deployment of wood door glue, glue regulator shall inform the inspector to check whether the ratio is qualified or not. And record the mixing proportion, mixing time, the effective use time of glue and other parameters. Supervise the container cleaning requirements. The glue regulator shall use glue only after the inspector has signed and approved it.

(2). The inspector monitors whether the operator has implemented the effective use time requirement, or cancel the production order sheet immediately.

(3). Deploy the glue based on the requirements of the solid wood door adhesive application specifications and usage time.

(4). Clean the plastic container in time.

(5). Keep the scales clean in operation and check on time so as to ensure the accuracy.

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