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Make A Wood With Temperature
Nov 08, 2016

Make A Wood With Temperature

The rapid development of modern life, wood always keep a most ancient touched.

Fine grinding edges, exquisite design dowel ingenious, thousands of years ago, the artisans and skilled techniques, a knife line carved out of the soul, are quietly to show them to the nature, love of life.

Old hand artists through such a generation of the way of inheritance, to convey their thoughts to the life of the people's perception, always quiet, always respect the God of love.

Wood is honest, people bring it what it will accept, and permanent preservation.


It had cut out the traces of Polish craftsmen carved, eventually bloom in the hands of users.

He is always quiet, always low-key, but in this long period of time, has been accompanied by our growth. A mark on the wooden body, not its flaw, because in these marks inside, it is clear than anyone, you ever had with it happened story.


The wood gives a kind and gentle, solid and heavy feeling.



Wood production process is the process of repair your heart, the craft itself is not in order to create many things, but to focus on doing things behind the quiet and use of the results of happiness.


The old saying, "people of non vegetation, ruthless?" But vegetation really ruthless?

You look at the world from the start on the occasion, vegetation has standing here, no matter how the situation changes, it only breathing, breathing, long leaf, the result, as if this is the world of science, there is no a tiny bit of suspicion. Made of wood artifacts, has such a calm.




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