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More And More People Prefer Natural Wood Veneers
May 19, 2017

       With the increasingly shortage of the natural resources today, Countries in the world put forward higher requirements on environmental protection. It is an important issue in the wood processing industry on how to comprehensively utilize natural forest resources, especially the scarcity of valuable timber species, to meet the needs of social development. Veneer is a new type of wood decorative material with the effect of natural texture and its low cost, which is largely applied in the modern furniture manufacturing and interior decoration.


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      Natural veneer has the characteristics and advantages of original wood. Wood household products which are made of natural veneer, have the texture of wood and style diversification. After the professional processing, the veneer has bright luster texture, strong stereoscopic sense, more various color and more texture diversification. And it can produce various patterns and designs according to people's different preferences, and fully meet the needs of modern people diversified and personalized consumer demand.


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In interior decoration usage, it has the following characteristics:

Ⅰ. Natural veneer has the characteristics of easy processing

Natural veneer has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good elasticity, and the porous structure of the fiber, which increase adhesive strength to coat easily. And it is convenient to process, saving time and effort.

Natural veneer.png

Ⅱ. Natural veneer has a natural beautiful appearance

The veneer has the natural texture, harmonious luster, gloss and the fragrance, which fully displays the natural beauty, and meets the characteristic that people fond of nature.

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Ⅲ. Natural veneer has soft and comfortable touch

Natural veneer not only give people a good visual experience, three-dimensional feeling, but also there will be no cold or hot touch, so it has been the best office decoration materials.

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Ⅳ. Natural veneer has economic and durable characteristics

The price of veneer is cheap so that it can reduce cost. Reconstruction Veneer is made to anti-corrosive, moth proofing, moisture resistant, flame retardant modification in the manufacturing process, so it has various wood superior functionality to increase their service life.


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