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Moulding Of Wood Building Materials
Dec 20, 2016

Moulding of Wood Building Materials

Wood mouldings are made by mechanical or manual processing after drying treatment,  through chosing the wood of hard, fine, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, not splitting, natural wood processing, smooth section properties and color of paint is good, good adhesion, strong nail. 

Wood Mouldings include:

  • Crown moulding: the ceiling of different wood European level junction edge, sealing joint on the ceiling of different wood surface manufacturers, smallpox plane moulding line, edge ceiling equipment.

  • Cornice: it is the junction of the ceiling and wall, also the ceiling and the cylinder.

  • Skirting & Baseboard: on the wall surface of the junction edge of different levels, Sealing of the butt joint of different material surfaces on the wall surface, the pressure side, dado skirting board holder, the decorative edge equipment, the wall facing material line, wall decorative moulding line. Body shape, wall decoration, the screen check line and decorative line, and a variety of furniture on the line of decorative line.

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