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Natural Maple Veneer In High-grade Decoration
May 28, 2017

     Maple, includes soft maple and hard maple two species, is a temperate wood. It produces domestically in the South of Yangtze River Valley until to Taiwan, and overseas in the eastern United states. The wood is grayish brown to gray-red with shallow growth rings, many but small pores and equal distribution. Maple has staggered grain, slender and even structure, light but hard quality and fine pattern. It’s easy to process, but the cut surface is not smooth enough and easy to warp when drying.


maple veneer.png

    Maple is not only a wonderful natural landscape, also a nice decorative material. Because of its color coordination, it commonly used in the production of fine wood furniture, high-grade furniture, also widely used in the cork gluing sandwich panels, wooden shovel and paper industry. Other uses include: single board, wooden frame, lamp, drawer. In the high-grade decoration natural maple veneer is applied in indoor construction, unit furniture, table, cabinet, wall plate and turning products. Using this veneer to pave the ground shows a comfortable, soft, bright and generous feeling.


maple veneer2.png

    Maple is also widely distributed in China, South to Yunnan, north to northeast China. Such as the Acer mono product in Northeast wood is one of a kind of maple. In China, there has always been special wood for spindles in textile mills and shoe last in leather shoes factory. Due to differences in original place and variety, of course, some maple with soft, loose structure, ambiguous pattern, and low gloss, which has the gap with maple woods produce in Europe and the United States.

maple funiture.jpg

    But in our country there are some varieties of similar good quality maples compared with imported goods, especially the part of the sheet also has a pattern of bird's eye and tiger tattoo, which is the top grade in the maple. Maple bark is one of the most popular natural wood veneer products in the industry. Since maple is mainly produced in the northern hemisphere, more maple bark is mainly imported. In recent years, there are more maple wood bark from North America and Europe in the bark market.

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