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Natural Veneer-the Economic Value And Advantages In Construction
May 11, 2017

In recent years, a large number of trees have been cut. however trees grow very slowly. The lack of logs make natural veneer scarce and their price go up very high. Thus, To deal with this situation, a new building materials– veneer, derives from this situation.

Veneer is an economical building material and wide-range in application. They have natural and beautiful texture same as the logs, They are easy processing and easy to handle. Moreover, using veneer can save labour power.


 It is not only reasonable in price, but also very well in function. Veneer is used in various fields. Their most common use is facing, which is made in different sizes and shapes to meet the different needs. For example, the big size veneer can press directly on the surface of the plywood, mdf, chip board, which is finish as the fancy board. At the same time, the decorative veneer also can be used as wallpaper and edge banding for furniture. Their most prominent features are: cheap, high quality, diverse styles, easy to use, elegant and noble.


With the current shortage of natural timber resources, as well as the gradual high price of exotic tree species, it is impossible to only depend on planting to meet the demand of the veneer in such a short time. Although a large number of engineer veneer appear in market, but the unique texture and characteristics of the natural veneer can’t be achieved in engineer veneer. Therefore, there is growing demand in natural veneer market.

There are a wide variety of natural veneers. Species which are commonly used for furniture are ash, birch, teak, rosewood, figured anigre, Santos rosewood, ebony, mahogany, cherry, walnut, red oak, maple, yellow poplar, anigre, Sapele, Sapele Pomelle, Okoume, Brazil rosewood and so on.

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