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Solid Wood Baseboard And Skirting's Disadvantage
Nov 30, 2016

Solid Wood Baseboard and Skirting's Disadvantage

  • Expensive: Solid wood timber is  the "Noble"of the decorative metirals' family. Of course, the price is also the highest, compared to the overall space, the baseboard is not in a conspicuous position. If the budget is not enough, then try to use the money in other place.

  • Easy to damp and damage by worms, Solid wood is not waterproof, so people usually  do not use the solid wood baseboard in the wet or damp walls as far as possible, even easy to damage by worms.

  • Hard Maintenance: Solid wood material is very delicate. It is easy to be arched because of alternating temperature, dry and humidity changes. Attention should be paid to maintenance frequently.

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