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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of White Oak Furniture
Aug 11, 2017

Oak is the ideal material for making all kinds of high grade furniture, so it is very popular among consumers. Oak furniture is divided into two types, white oak and red oak. White oak originates from the eastern United States and has a variety of species. About 8 species are materials for making many items of furniture in our life. There is a saying "red oak is not red, and white oak is not white, that means white oak is not white, but its color is light and its core part is light brown to dark brown. Many consumers are not particularly familiar with the white oak furniture, and they do not know how to identify and how to choose. Now we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of white oak furniture. 

The advantages of white oak furniture:

(1).The grain of white oak is clear and a good texture of the surface.

(2). White oak furniture with a solid and firm texture is not easy to deform under damp and has a long service life.

(3). The high-grade white oak furniture can reflect the identity of the owner.

(4).The value of white oak furniture is comparable to that of mahogany furniture

(5).White oak furniture has a high collection value.

(6). White oak can have many different colors by spraying paint on the surface.

(7). White oak combined with metal and glass create a highlight fashion sense.


The disadvantages of white oak furniture

(1).White oak is difficult to process.

(2).The cost of rare white oak is high for importing from abroad.

(3).White oak furniture with a high density is hard and heavy. And it is easy to deform.

(4).White oak furniture can’t stand high temperature that will destroy its surface texture.

(5). White oak furniture is easily damaged by collision for its hard texture.


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