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The American Fashion Home Brand Tells You That A Good Life Can Be Bought With Money
Nov 08, 2016

The American Fashion Home Brand Tells You That A Good Life Can Be Bought With Money

If you want me to pick one of the most favorite fashion brands, like Valentino, it must be Anthropologie.


Anthropologie, from the United States, have more than 200 stores in the world, with a sentence summary, This is a "beauty" throughout every corner of the brand. In the moment you open the door of the store, you can catch a glimpse of life that is much more refined and better than your ideal.


Anthropologie is a well-known in the high-end casual wear and home products brand in the United States. It was founded in 1992 and is subordinate to Urban, like Urban Outfitters, Free People, BHLDN, and Terrain.


Home Furnishing

When you look at all of Anthropologie's products, you will understand the true meaning of Richard Hayne has said, " What they sell is a kind of attitude to life, not just the simple commodity". It can be said that Anthropologie has to the point of nitpicking for the beauty of life, exquisite, pursuit of the details. 




“When I have my own house, I want to buy all kinds of nice and special furniture to fill it up.” This idea, probably stay in the hearts of many people. And Anthropologie, it will be able to create a magazine illustration sense of home for you.


Look at this mint sofa, beautiful little pillow, geometric shape of the small stool, rich design sense of the small coffee table. From the lighting to the carpet, these all filled with beauty. This golden antelope small table, with the velvet sofa also let the living room become advanced and creative immediately.



Anthropologie's home products also contain many brands, the overall tone is warm, comfortable, texture. Even the bed design, is very romantic feelings as well. Sleep in this bed every day, the dream will be much more sweet, right?


In the TV drama, you may often be attracted to some decorations used in the interior set, such as a variety of small mirrors, and all kinds of ornaments on the wall. While all that you can find in Anthropologie.



Most of the wall decoration here is not only beautiful, unique, but also has practical function. Hollow retro cabinet, and the artistic decorations placed in the top  , all cuddly. Even a small ladder can become a landscape. Anthropologie's wallpaper is also pretty, and consistent with the brand's tone. Choose a few favorite wallpaper paste on each level of the stairs, is not a moment to become very feel?


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