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The Beauty Of Wood
Nov 23, 2016

The Beauty Of Logs

Phoebe nanmu wood, also known as Zhen Nan, is referred to as the Lauraceae Machilus and Machilus of each species, with Shannon, Jin Sinan, and other types of water. Wood is the most literary flavor of wood.


Boxwood  slow growth, wood is extremely delicate, invisible brown eyes (pores), but because of boxwood slow growth, difficult to aniseed, with high-grade mahogany inlaid collocation or processed into extremely fine carving works.


Huanghuali wood is the most well known by people, the D.hainanensis and MAI DOU LAI are very rare, the price is higher than gold, the market of Asian rosewood, African rosewood, pumas, Myanmar rosewood, Laos rosewood, Brazil rosewood, which although the name of the kind of timber and Huanghuali detached, but are not real Huanghuali wood.

Elm is known as "blockhead", said the little difficult, difficult to cut down that. In fact, In the eyes of the present, the old elm is more like a good amorous feelings of the "market". Whether it is before the king's hall, or the backyard of the people, have seen its standing figure.

Red sandalwood is a rare species, the growth cycle is very long, nearly thousands of years to mature. The sapwood is narrow, hard wood, tight internal structure, high density water sink, heartwood is bright red or orange red color, long exposure to the air will become darker purple brown stripes appear. Rosewood is divided into red sandalwood and sandalwood.

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