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The Biological Actions Of Wood Moulding Damaged
Jan 05, 2017


The Biological Actions Of Wood Moulding Damaged

The biological actions effects of Wood moulding damaged includes the injure from fungi, insects and so on, which caused materials to be rotted and worm-eaten. Mineral materials, such as bricks and stones, mostly are destroyed by physical action. Metallic materials are mainly damaged by chemical action. Organic materials such as wood are often destroyed by biological action. And the destruction of ground material mostly is due to mechanical action. Polymer materials, like paint and plastics, in the sun, air and heat, will be gradually aging and brickle.


Checking the durability of building materials, in addition to do some special tests, such as carbonization of materials, ageing of materials, heat-resistance and so on, Sometimes through the frost resistance of the material represent the durability of building materials, because the frost resistance of the material has a close relationship with the durability of other kinds of damage.


Due to various reasons, wood mouldings in practical architectural project, are often damaged early for poor durability. Therefore, durability is an important technical property of civil architectural materials. In order to guarantee the durability of architectural materials and structures and prolong the service life of architectural structures, we can only understand and master the essence of civil architectural material durability and make efforts on various aspects - materials, design, construction and use.


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