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The Defects Of Veneer
May 27, 2017

  As we know, natural woods always have some natural defects black spots and black line, dynamic fast-knot. veneer also like it. Even if in the same tree, different position will also have different defects. so we do pick it. If we are planning to purchase large quantities of wood. And the pick is to picking the demand of length, texture and color. In fact, the more important reason is to hope the defects eliminated from the veneer.


Several common defects are briefly introduced as follows:

The first is the black spots and line:

As shown in the following image

The defects of veneer (1).png

The black dots are distributed on the surface of the wooden veneer and are usually dotted with black. The black line is linear. These two kinds of defects are not good because the paint can not conceal their fixed characteristics, so the veneer must strictly control the number, generally a good quality veneer above is not more than two small black spots, the length of black line are not more than 3cm.

The second is the hole, split and dead knots:

The defects of veneer (3).png

The defects of veneer (4).png

The defects of veneer (2).png

The above three kinds of defects, is the most important index for the effect of veneer quality, generally if wood have some of these defects, it does not matter, but if the number and size of these defects a greater number of veneer, the veneer is cheap, serious or even no effect. Therefore, when you choose wood veneer, you must see clearly whether there are any of these defects.

The third flaw is sound knot:
In fact, strictly speaking, this is not a serious flaws.To the utmost extent, its definition is beauty. will affect the appearance of the texture.But if we use the veneer with slip knot and do better design,we also can make good works.

The defects of veneer (5).png

The last one is discoloration:

Color change is sometimes caused by the defects of wood itself, or sometimes caused by the processing procedure,there has different color in a veneer,and these are its general characteristic. such as white oak was pale, but sometimes have blue color in its surface. The others are the same. This kind of wood paint affects the whole veneer, so it has to be measured visually, and sometimes it's not easy to see.

The defects of veneer.png

Generally speaking, veneer defect is roughly above several defects,different veneer absolutely has its defect about small variety, in here we are not to introduced one by one,  in general, a good veneer do not contain too many black spots and knot.What’s more ,cracking and piercing, are not allowed.


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