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The Difference Between Non-woven Veneer And Kraft Paper Veneer
Sep 12, 2017

Now the trend of natural veneer is thinner and thinner. And some crafts are artificial skin, if it is thick skin, it is not easy to hand paste skin. Whats more, it increases the difficulty of hand paste skin. The posted effect is also unsatisfactory. But the veneer is too thin without special treatment will lead to veneer cracking and wrinkling. Therefore, non-woven veneer and kraft paper veneer was developed. It solve a series of problems caused by the veneer is too thin. So what is non woven and kraft paper veneer, and what is the connection and difference between them, lets explain it one by one:


1. Non-woven veneer: As the name suggested, that is, on the back of the veneer affixed a layer of non-woven. The thin veneer affixed behind a thin layer of non-woven fabric. The thin wood skin flexibility is poor. In order to increased its flexibility, we paste the non-woven veneer behind the natural veneer. So the veneer affixed to the furniture or other veneer the thing is not easy to crack! Veneer has a good flexibility, non-woven paste closely, and do not wrinkle, both sides no edges, no deformation, wear resistance, moisture resistance and tensile characteristics. Many non-woven varieties can be natural wood or veneer veneer technology. The length is 2.2 meters, natural width. And it can also be made according to the special needs of infinite finger non-woven veneer.


veneer with fleece.jpg

2. Kraft paper veneer: the surface of the veneer affixed a thin layer of kraft paper. The sieze of kraft paper veneer is basically fixed. The length is 2.5 meters, width is 600mm, thickness is 0.3mm. The kraft paper veneer is generally wide, two kraft paper veneer can paste a 4 * 8 feet of the board. This veneer suitable for wood lines covered, etc. Variety is also very rich, natural veneer and technology can do veneer.

veneer with paper backing.jpg

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