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The Quality Request And Checking Methods Of Wood Decoration Mouldings
Dec 23, 2016

The Appearance Quality Request And Checking Methods of Wood Decoration Mouldings 

Wood moulding decoration is mainly use Wood mouldings to make indoor wall chair rail mouldingwall hole decoration mouldings, wainscot panels, photo frame mouldings, door casing/jamb/stop, ceiling corner , stair handrail, edge moulding of door&windows and furniture and so on.

Wood mouldings, short for Wood decoration mouldings, they have many types, such as cornice, crown mouldings, column base mouldings, wall corner mouldingswall waist mouldings flooring skirting, edge angel mouldingspicture frame mouldings and so on. Various wood mouldings are different in appearance and have many kinds of section shapes, such as flat mouldingshalf round mouldingstwisted mouldings and cross mouldings.


The appearance quality request and the checking methods of wood decoration moulding 

  • Wood decoration mouldings should choose the wood whose woodiness are induratedthin and good, and it should be smooth and have no burr.

  •  Wood decoration mouldings have the same color and lustre, have no dead knot, worm, crack and corrode.

  • Drawing of wood decoration moulding should be clear and cannot crack, their deepness of process should be same.

  • For wood decoration moulding which have been painted, we should check their luminance and chromatic aberration of frontal oil paint as well as reverse woodiness.


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