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Types and Advantages Of Natural Wood Veneers
Jul 22, 2017

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Natural veneer types can be grouped as follows:

1.North America: red oak, white oak, black walnut, cherry, maple, etc.

2.Europe: beech, Fraxinus excelsior, etc.

3.Africa: Okoume, Khaya senegalensis, ebony, eucalyptus, Anigre, etc.

4.Oceania: Radiata pine, etc.

5.Southeast Asia: Russian Pinus sylvestris, Betula platyphylla, Betula costata, miscellaneous wood, Tilia, xylosma racemosum, Melia azedarach, acacia, etc.

6.High-grade: Symplocos paniculata, Dalbergia nigra, burl, branches, shadow veneer, etc.

Advantages of natural veneer

1.Various type. The veneers retain the natural texture and wonderful tactility. Say nothing of the different kinds of color and texture, bright color, stereoscopic vein. Moreover, the pattern is not only full of dynamic and vitality but also non-duplication.

2.Natural characteristics. As the saying goes, "There are no two identical leaves in the world". Because of its diverse texture, the natural veneers are exactly not the same from any other one. Briefly speaking, its non-duplication texture and different pattern fit the need of customers. Equally in line with their aesthetic of pursuing nature and closing to nature.

3.Retaining the original natural flavor of trees. It gives people a sense of primitive beauty. So the natural veneers can take you into the original forest and back to nature.

4.In recent years, the use of natural wood veneer is more and more extensive. Thus using the natural wood veneer for craftwork production is more popular as well. The most outstanding features are favorable price, excellent quality, various styles and so on.

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