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Types And Production Processes Of Wood Veneers
Jul 18, 2017

Wood Veneers has a considerable scale after the past 20 years’ development.

The Wood Veneers are widely used in the rapid growth of the Furniture Manufacturing and decoration around the world based on its unique character.


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Classification of wood veneers:


1. Classification by thickness

The thickness more than 0.5 mm belongs to the thick wood veneer and less than 0.5mm belongs to the thin wood veneers.


2. Classification by manufacturing methods

It can be divided into slicing cut veneer, rotary cut veneer, sawing wood and semi circle cutting veneer. Slicing is the main ones among them.


3. Classification by Producing Technical. 

It has so many Types, such as natural veneers, dyed veneers, composite veneers(Technical Wood Veneer, Engineered Wood Veneer, Artificial Wood veneers), spliced veneers, rolling veneers that with fleeced paper in the back.


4. Classification by origin

  Domestic veneers; importing veneers.  

Quality Standard of Wood Veneers:


1. Thickness uniformity and tolerance, length and width Tolerance,

   moisture content condition, etc.


2. Sapwood and heartwood.

The part near bark, whose color is light. when the trees cut down is for sapwood. While the part around the pith, whose color is dark, and with less moisture is for heartwood.


Production Process of Wood Veneers


Sliced wood veneers manufacturing process


Generally, Slicing is the main method to machine the veneers. The working procedure is as follows:


Selection of the Original Logs → truncated → cut into timber → softened (steaming or boiling ) → slicing → drying (or not drying) → Veneers Cutting into required Width and length→ grading - packing → loading


Rotary cutting veneers manufacturing process


Selection of the Original Logs → truncated → pull the out circle or barks → soften (steam or boiling  → rotary cutting → drying (or not drying) → cut into required width and length  → grading - packaging → loading 

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