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Types And Production Processes Of Wood Veneers
Aug 18, 2017

Veneer and its decoration industry started in the last century 50s, and after half a century of development, it already has a considerable scale. 

Especially in the past 20 years, with the rapid growth of furniture manufacturing and decoration industry in China, the development of furniture industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, and a large number of industry experts have emerged.


Classification of veneers:


1. Classification by thickness

The thickness greater than 0.5 mm called thick veneers and less than 

0.5mm called micro veneers.

2.Classification by manufacturing methods

It can be divided into slicing veneer, rotary cutting veneer, sawing wood and semicircle cutting veneer. Slicing is the main method to produce it.

3. Classification by morphology

 It can be divided into natural veneers, dyed veneers, composite veneers

(technical veneers), spliced veneers, and rolling veneers (non-woven fabrics veneers).

4. Classification by origin

Domestic veneers; imported veneers.


Quality items of veneers:


1. Thickness uniformity, length and width, and error, moisture content

2. Earlywood and latewood

Inside each rings, the pith form in the early stage of growing season, in addition, with the feature of light color, loose structure, soft material, it called earlywood(spring wood). On the part of the later growth of bark , and with the feature of dark color, dense structure, hard material, it called latewood(autumn wood, summer wood).

3. Sapwood and heartwood.

The part near bark, whose color is light, is more moist when the trees cut down, called sapwood. While the part around the pith, whose color is dark, is less moist, called heartwood.


Production Process


Sliced veneers manufacturing process

Generally, Slicing is the main method to machine the veneers. The working procedure is as follows:


Logs truncated cut softened (steamed or boiled) sliced dried (or not dried) cut grading - inspection packaging storage


Rotary cutting veneers manufacturing process


Logs truncated pull the outer circle soften (steam or boiled) rotary cutting drying (or not drying) cut grading - inspection packaging storage

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