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What Is Finger Jointed Board?
Dec 06, 2016

What is finger jointed board?                                     And What is the advantages and disadvantages of it?

The discrimination of finger jointed board

The finger board is a kind of man-made plank wood that is stitched for about five centimeters wide batten. Identifying the connecting plate, mainly to see its core material growth rings. Finger jointed board is made of Chinese fir, the annual ring is more obvious. The greater the ring, the age is long, the finger board material is better. There is also a way to see the teeth. The finger board usually consists of a bright and dark tooth, the finger board best dark teeth, teeth because the finger board in paint more prone to some uneven phenomenon, of course, the difficulty of processing to some dark teeth. The harder the wood, the better the quality of the board, because it is much smaller than the general deformation of the plate, but it is also more beautiful pattern.

The advantages of finger jointed board

  • The surface of the board is generally painted by clear water paint. The environmental protection effect of Stop-off lacquer is relatively good, basically can reach E0 level, so the use of the board to make the furniture more environmental and healthy.

  • The finger board is currently in the market price is relatively cheap, generally in the 110-180 . It is not expensive, compared to some good woodworking board.

The disadvantages of finger jointed board

  • The finger jointed board furniture is not the traditional sense of solid wood furniture, so the finger board does not have the durability of traditional wooden furniture. In addition, the finger board generally used pine, cedar forest timber production, and the material is not good, but its drying time is short, the water content is larger, and it is easy to cause deformation and cracking

  • Single finger connecting plate and three floor board are used commonly in our daily life

  • Three floor board is much better than a single finger connecting plate
     the ability of resisting the deformation, so we can choose the more durable three floor board

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