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What Is Solid Wood Moulding?
Dec 26, 2016

What is solid wood moulding?

Solid wood moulding is that cut the log with a molding cutting die into different large linear shape wooden trims.

In the home decoration operation process, solid wood mouldings can play two roles:

  • First, decorative effect, that is, with good machined mouldings cover the visual effect of bad parts.

  • Second, protective effect, especially in the closing position of veneered panel, if not use wood mouldings to protect, the panel's surface is easy to scratch, influence on use.

Waht is common decorative wood moulding's name, types, sizes?

Decorative wood moulding is also called by wood moulding for short. It have many types, such as  door frame moulding, crown moulding, wood cornice, ceiling corner moulding, skirting, baseboard, picture frame, furniture frame etc. A variety of wood three-dimensional shapes, each moulding has a variety of cross section, such as flat moulding, half round moulding, cross moulding, twist yarn.

Appearance quality requirements and inspection methods of wood mouldings

1) Decorative wood moulding should choose hardwood quality, fine wood , good woodiness, and smooth surface, glossy and no burr.

2) Wood color consistency, no knots, cracks, corrosion, bug and other defects.

3) Wood pattern for clarity, not splitting, processing depth should be consistent.

4) For wood moulding that have painted, not only to check the front paint finish, color, also to view the wood from the back.

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